Press Release 2015

Purple crocuses to remember the fight against polio.

Market Harborough in Bloom volunteers helped the Rotary Club of Market Harborough by planting nearly 5,000 crocus bulbs along the millennium mile, opposite the town memorial gardens.  When the scaffolding comes down from outside St. Dionysius church they will plant more around the edge of the church beds and around the tree at the side of the church.

In February, the crocus bulbs, all purple coloured, will come up and make a fine display of purple at these places, for as many people as possible to see them. The colour purple has been chosen by Rotary International to show the progress in its campaign to beat polio worldwide.  Rotary, working with WHO and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has funded immunisation against polio for over 30 years and have almost succeeded in eliminating it.

(UPDATED 2016) An amazing achievement of a reduction of 99.9% in cases from 350,000 each year to just 26 (to September) in 2016

The children in countries all over the world get their pinkies (little fingers) dipped in purple paint to show they have been immunised with the 2 drops of vaccine.  Immunisation against polio is given by drops into the mouth. Each dose costs 25p. Immunisation must continue for all children, to maintain the world free of polio. In the UK children are all vaccinated against polio as babies, and that keeps polio away from all of us.



President of Market Harborough Rotary Club, Les Dodd, said "It is important that Rotary International continues this campaign to end polio. We can enjoy the purple crocuses while thinking of those who continue to suffer the effects of polio because there was no vaccine.  We are very grateful to the Market Harborough in Bloom volunteers for planting the crocuses for us."

Rotary will continue with the campaign to "End Polio Now". When you see the purple crocuses in Market Harborough each February, please remember this campaign.

For details of the Global campaign click the logo or


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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged to add

£2 to every £1 we raise

 to try to finally end the fight against polio, If you would like to help, our contact details are on our Home Page

Where else can you triple your money?!

Market Harborough in Bloom volunteers help Rotary by planting the purple crocus bulbs along the millennium mile opposite the memorial gardens.


Carole Baldam